May 7, 2017


Education and Training

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

PPGJ facilitates the learning process in order to best equip emerging leaders with practical skills and tools. Our curriculum and programming guides each participant on a journey of discovery of unveiling the leader within.

Our youth education project seeks to promote literacy, cultural awareness and leadership development. Our book, Making a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter Esquire and accompanying curriculum focuses on empowering tomorrow’s leaders today.


The book, Making a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom FighterEsquire, will support youth in developing their leadership skills and making a difference in the world around them. Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute is launching this new book project in order to promote literacy, cultural awareness, and leadership development.

Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire will hand deliver 1,000 books to schools across the globe. She will start with her hometown of St. Paul, MN and end the tour with a special visit to schools in Ghana. With each visit, she will inspire young people to discover the leader within through the pursuit of academic excellence and the unveiling of each student’s limitless potential.

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PPGJ conducts training workshops in areas such as Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice, and Diversity & Inclusion.


Leadership Development

Being a leader is not limited to one’s position or title.  At PPGJ, we believe leadership is attainable for anyone who has the courage and the determination to make an impact in the world. PPGJ offers the tools to take action by providing leadership workshops focused on helping people reach their fullest leadership potential.

Community Engagement

Bringing citizens together is crucial in building strong communities for the future. PPGJ believes in the power of community engagement and coordinates events where people can come together to engage, learn, and build with one another. Our Black History Month Bookfair is an annual event held in partnership with Barnes and Noble Roseville. It is an example of how PPGJ engages with the community, and how the community engages with PPGJ. Families are able to explore multicultural children’s books, meet black authors, cultivate the love of reading, and learn more about Black History.




Craver Night

Each month, PPGJ hosts a Craver Night in partnership with White Castle. The event focuses on promoting literacy and community-building. We provide free book giveaways and reading tutors.


Come and enjoy dinner & learning at the White Castle (1120 University Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104) and 15% of your purchase will go to supporting our youth education initiatives.