September 4, 2017

Leadership Resources

Leadership Resources

What are the leadership tools in your toolbox? Every effective leader has a toolbox of indispensable tools. These tools may include your ability to:

  • Build a vision for your organization
  • Collaborate with others
  • Innovate & create new ideas
  • Apply technical competence based upon your professional training

No matter which tool you employ, you need to learn when and how to use each tool. Leadership is a learning process. This section provides key leadership resources to guide you on your vocational journey.


A Young Lawyer’s Guide for Coaching Your Way to Success. ABA The Young Lawyer.

Discovering Your Strengths. ABA The 101 Practice Series: Breaking Down the Basics.

Jumpstart Your Career: 3 Tips To Discover Your Strengths. Black Life Coaches Network.

The Building Blocks of Leadership: An Exploration of MBTI Leadership Assessment (Part 1). ABA GPSolo eReport.

The Building Blocks of Leadership: An Exploration of MBTI Leadership Assessment (Part 2). ABA GPSolo eReport

Help Wanted: Engineers of Social Change. ABA GP|Solo Newsletter.

Women and Leadership, Ten Tips for Growing as a Leader, ABA TIPS Newsletter.

Conflict Management/Restorative Justice

A New Addition to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner’s Toolkit: The Exploration of Restorative Justice and Practical Implementation. ABA GP|Solo Law Trends and News.

Restorative Justice: A Dream of Restoration and Transformation. Minnesota State Bar Association, Hearsay.

Restorative Justice: Creating Transformation and Building Communities. ABA Minority Trial Lawyer.

Diversity and Inclusion

A Beautiful Mosaic: Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness in Client Counseling.  ABA Diversity Voice.

Pipeline Initiatives: Build a Critical Mass of Diverse Lawyers. ABA Diversity Voice.

Client Counseling in a Multicultural Environment: Integrating Minnesota’s Rich Tapestry of Diversity into Your Legal Practice. Minnesota State Bar Association, Hearsay.